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Download INC 500 Companies List in Excel Format

Download INC 500 companies list in a simple Excel format with founder and CEO data and leverage valuable insights into the fastest-growing private companies in the US.


INC 500 List Benefits

  • Identify potential competitors and partners for business growth.
  • Gain insights into the fastest-growing private companies in the US.
  • Evaluate investment opportunities for financial growth.
  • Access founder and CEO data for networking and research.
  • Analyze market trends and emerging industries for strategic planning.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the INC 500 list?

The INC 500 list is an annual ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States, based on their percentage revenue growth over a three-year period.

How are companies selected for the INC 500 list?

Companies must apply to be considered for the INC 500 list and meet certain eligibility criteria, such as being privately owned and independent as of December 31st of the previous year, and having at least $100,000 in revenue in the base year.

What are the benefits of being included in the INC 500 list?

Being included in the INC 500 list can provide significant visibility and recognition for a company, as well as attract potential investors, customers, and employees. It can also offer opportunities for networking and media exposure.

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